TOOLS  .......  some of the basics   

A couple of essential items .... a spark plug spanner and a front sprocket holding tool at $6 each

And here are two tyre changing tools that make this job as easy as pie ..........
On the left is our 3 piece tyre removing and fitting tool that makes rear kart tyres a breeze to fit - at only $65
And pictured in the centre is our tyre bead breaker.  This can hold all size kart rims including Edwards Futura front mags and wet fronts with large offset bearings on the inside  - for only $65.

 And a great tool for engine builders.  An adaptor for screwing a dial indicator into the spark plug thread of an engine.  Neat and easy way to take measurements.   Only $95 for the adaptor with extension pin.


Engine RPM Tacho with max. recall memory.  Our cheapest at $165
Engine Hour meter , can be attached to plug wire or mounted remotely.    Just $59.

Battery fuel pump  -  a snap of an idea and just $39.


In our Technical Info section we have added information and downloads to help 2 stroke engine builders. One of the downloads is a program that will assist you in designing an expansion chamber -  it is really neat and simple, and for purchasers of our MOTA software it will allow you to make an initial design to suit your engine.  Take a look here at this part of our site........