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A very useful resource .......... here are some kart, engine and carby manuals

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To make jetting the Minirok carb easier , here is an excellent article describing the use of a RAD gauge to do that task.  Put simply, it works . Dtec services .

Karting tips and tricks

Arrow kart manual     Kosmic kart manual      Sodi kart manual     Swiss Hutless kart manual    Rotax Max engine manual   Dell Orto carb manual

And just useful information ......
Gearing for KA sprint tracks in South Australia.

Cylinder porting and what we can do to yours.

Vortex MiniRok information ...  including JetTech PRO carb setup data

Kart wheel bolt patterns explained

Rotax Max jetting charts explained, with variations supplied   

Walbro carb blow-off gauge instructions

Engine temperatures explained - EGT and CHT  

2 stroke engine Crank Angle/Piston Displacement tables. 

2 stroke engine expansion chamber design.   

Engine running in procedure explained 

Spark Plug Heat Ranges            

Temperature conversion chart degC vs degF 

Gearing information for Shifter Karts

Mikuni carburetor - description of operation and tuning variables

Mikuni carburetor jetting - needle jet and main jet orifice sizes

Mikuni carburetor jetting - jet needle comparison charts
Mikuni manifolds dimensions  

Mikuni main/pilot/air jet sizes and diagrams

Mikuni carburetor exploded parts diagrams 

Tillotson carb basic tuning          

Tillotson carb double pump conversion for methanol ( or hi-volume petrol supply )                 

Kart tyre temperature and chassis weight distribution            

Cryogenic engine and parts treatment   

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