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This website is pretty much all about our own shop, so that is what we have concentrated on.  Certainly there are some other really good websites out there with a lot of useful information that may interest you. But here are the websites of our mates and suppliers who we can guarantee will help you.  
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We have a page with all South Australian karting club details listed on the AKA of SA website.

Everyone loves a forum,  so the two that are most relevant in Australia are the SuperkartAUS forum  and the sprint Kartbook forum.

Beven Young's bookshop on the web  --  there's lots of kart, car, motorcycle and engine books, software and information. 
He is situated in a suburb of Adelaide only a few miles from us, and he's the best !!!

The Arrow kart parent company's homepage -- DPE Kart Technology.   

A long time supplier of instruments is Digatron in the USA.  We sell their Fuel Tester as required by many racing bodies.  Their website details all of their products and has downloads of their data-logging software.

My own local sprint kart clubs are the Barossa Gokart Club and the Southern Sprint Kart Club, and The Gokart Club of SA.    Their homepages are full of club info, local race results and race dates and a range of South Australian related karting info. 
My local Superkart club is the Adelaide Superkart Club, and their homepage is also full of good info,   race results and driver profiles.
In SA the dirt kart clubs are members of the  Australian Independent Dirt Kart Association

CAMS is the national controlling body of motorsport in Australia.   All Superkarts racing on long circuits within Australia are run under  CAMS.  Sprint karting is controlled by  Karting Australia or KA , or locally the AKA of SA now has its own website.

Karting related magazines and websites can provide an interesting view of current affairs in the sport.  There are a few around, including KartsportNews .

And lastly is an interesting karting website from the UK.  It is full of good information that is so far all free,  on driver training, historic karting and various technical stuff, so well worth a look.   Karting1.