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     ARROW X3 CIK Vegas fitted with X30.  Kart was new in February 2016 and is in excellent condition, with all magnesium wheel hubs. Race ready for Tag-restricted, fitted with XL seat and comes with 2 wheel trolley  ....  only $4,550
  Tonykart NEOS cadet kart 950mm wheelbase with MiniRok engine. Only 9 months old and done a hand full of race meets . Includes folding 2 wheel trolley  ...  only $5,100

    Arrow X2 CIK fitted with IAME KA100 engine.  Has been stripped and rebuilt and painted SERA green,  in excellent condition ready to race KA3 , IMAF size 1+ seat , DFM tyres  ... at just  $4,400 

  Arrow AX9  28/30 kart with KT100J Yamaha. kart is in good condition, excellent first kart for a tall junior    ...... only $1,800

  Arrow AX9 fitted with 125cc RL Leopard.  Early model kart, fitted with Alfano datalogger and KA exhaust restritor  ...  just  $2,900

  Arrow AX6 fitted with 125 Rotax Max .  Kart is a few years old but in good running order ...  only $1,800  

  Stock Honda Superkart.  BRM chassis with 4 wheel brakes, all magnesium components,laptimer and temp, includes a trolley and wets on rims  ....... $7,600

  TOP kart junior kart with KT100J engine.  Kart has all Top kart parts, plastics, 30mm rear axle and is in very good condition.  Engine has brand new Italsport clutch fitted.  Excellent beginners or learners kart for a junior  ........  $1,900

    Tonykart Eikon fitted with 125 RL Leopard engine.  Kart is fitted  with all Tonykart components and alloy rims,  brakes freshly rebuilt, easily starts and runs on its own starter  ....  ready to go at $2,400

  Birel kart fitted with a Rotax 125 senior Max engine.  Early model kart has 40mm rear axle, a stack of spare tyres and folding trolley.  Complete for only  $2,300 

The X5 ARROW  and SERA karts are now out,  including the all new X5  CIK TAG and KA3 model.        
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NEWS  ..  we can supply the range of KOSMIC  and FA  brand OTK kart chassis . ....  see Kosmic here   ....  see FA here ........

 ARROW X5 kart     


The Arrow X5 kart range has been designed to deliver even more performance and user-friendly features, not to mention the stunning new look which will ensure you are not missed on or off the track. Backed by Arrow’s reputation for innovation and quality, along with our unrivalled dealer network with Australia-wide service and technical support, the new Arrow X5 gives you the power to perform!

Here are just some of the features (not all features available on all models)...