We are located at 79 Torrens Road , Brompton 5007 , South Australia.
Phone number for enquiries is 08 8340 9288.

We offer our 45+ years of 2-stroke engine experience, with preparation, performance 
modifications and rebuilds at very competitive prices.
All of our machining work is to the highest of standards, and engine building is legal to the 
relevant controlling bodies regulations, wherever you race. 
2 stroke cylinder porting ........ Our many years of 2 stroke engine tuning includes our never ending work in performing cylinder modifications. We use porting tools that work, and with such a vast experience in this very delicate and demanding area we can usually provide a job that is the equal of anything from across the globe. Read more here ..... 2 stroke cylinder porting , two stroke cylinder porting Soda media blasting ......... This is a method of cleaning all of the alloy parts of an engine and carbs that has been impressive. We can clean up most used parts to look like new again , and even fire damaged and tarnished cylinders, heads and crankcases have been brought back to looking "new" again. Ultrasonic parts cleaner ...... 
This is just something to see,  carbs, alloy engine mounts or crankcases can be cleaned to look as new !!  
Old carbs that have corroded due to the use of methanol and other exotic fuels can also be cleaned up.
Ignition testing ........... 
We are setup to handle Yamaha KT100S and KT100J ignitions, ( which covers the ARC also ),  so if you have one that needs testing,  or you want accurate timing marks engraved on yours,  then we can help you.

Walbro carburetor tuning and modifications  ............ 
In 2006 we spent many hours out testing with our junior drivers in the National classes.  By the end of
2006  we were able to produce a better performing WB-3A carburetor with revised drillings and o'ringed
throttle shaft.  This was our 1612 version carb. 
Thru 2013 we again went testing and with our team driver Ben Delaney have made some improvements,
including an o'ringed low jet , and we now offer an NJ model carb with even better response. 

And again we went back to redesign our modifications for the AKA and AIDKA classes using the
KT100S Yamaha engine and now have a new style NC standard bore version for the bitumen classes and
big-bore 27mm dirt carb .

A new carburetor with any of the above mods done is $159 ,  or we can do all this to your own carb
a rebuild kit for just $79. 

ALL GENERAL LABOUR                                      
Kart tyre fitting                                                      $20.00 per set of 4 
Kart seat fitting     ..  plus any nuts, bolts, spacers   $45.00 labour

50/60cc cylinder                                                       $110.00
80cc to 125cc cylinder       ( includes KT100S )      $125.00
150cc & up cylinder                                                  $165.00

REBORES......each cylinder bore                                $65.00
HONE............each cylinder bore ..  steel liner             $30.00
                                                ...  plated bore           $40.00

RESLEEVING .....each cylinder bore      from             $440.00
Includes supply and fit sleeve and matching 
of the ports -- piston cost is extra.    

Single conrod -- motorcycle or kart engine                 $49.00
Twin conrods                                      from             $219.00

Alter compression ratio, machine mating surfaces flat,
re-cut squish angle and/or chamber shape.
Single cylinder head                    (central plug)           $50.00
( if welding-up is required to obtain higher comp. ..  add $80.00 )
Single cylinder head         (offset plug)         from    $65.00
Twin cylinder head                         from                    $100.00

Boring or flowtuning gokart carb                     from           $30.00
Boring or flowtuning motorcycle carb, including
   'Pro-series' alterations to flatslide TM Mikuni                 $59.00
Tillotson HL or HR carb methanol conversion, 
including DG4HL double pump gasket/diaphragm kit, 
and 3 new pump & inlet plates and 6 screws                  $189.00

WALBRO WB-3A carburetor tuning. 
Blueprinting to AKA or AIDKA specs includes drilling, 
setting needle blow-off and lever height, modifying 
bore, adding o'rings and either NJ , NC or NC2 spec    .....    $79.00 

Boring a WB-3A 25mm Yamaha carb to 27mm      ......        $70.00

Supply and modify a new WB-3A carb,  any spec    .......       $159.00

Ignition test, timing mark setting                       .......         $50.00
On all Yamaha KT100J and KT100S, and ARC ignitions 

Rebuilding complete engine.	   labour only                  $240.00 **
Strip, inspect and rebuild an engine
** Plus the parts required, as needed.

Blueprinting 100cc Kart Engine     labour only               $360.00 **
** Plus the parts required, as needed.
(Includes Dyno run-in and Ignition timing test)
As a guide -  a new KT100S or KT100J requires at least
$300 more in parts. For a used engine this can be $450 . 

Top End Blueprint            labour only              .........          $180.00 **
- ie cc'ing cylinder head, altering ignition timing, 
and replacing head and base gaskets as needed.		
**Plus any other parts required, ie ring or crank seals.

Dirt Kart KT100S Motor "race tune"   labour only   .....   $240.00 **
Includes porting cylinder, cc'ing head, alter piston,    
bore and setup carb, and set ignition timing. 

or "fully modified tune" as above but also with 
      full engine blueprint  ..... labour only         .........          $390.00 **
**Plus any parts required, ie piston, ring, gskts etc.

ROTAX FR125MAX engine tuning & repairs.
The Rotax is a unique engine in that it requires no special tuning
or modifications.  It does require rebuilding at regular intervals. 

25 hour top-end rebuild  .....  cost incl parts & labour         $425.00
This includes crank oil seals, piston pin & bearing, 
piston/ring & clips, gear cover gasket and oil, 
top O-ring set, reed and base gaskets.

50 hour complete rebuild  ....  cost incl parts & labour        $1035.00
This includes main bearings, all oil seals, complete o'ring set 
and gasket set, piston pin & bearing, piston/ring & clips, 
complete con rod assy, clutch bearing. 

Parilla X30 engine tuning and repairs.

10 hour top-end rebuild  .....  cost incl parts & labour       $395.00
This includes crank oil seals, piston pin & bearing, 
piston/ring & clips, gear cover gasket and oil, 
top O-ring set and base gaskets.

30 hour complete rebuild  ....  cost incl parts & labour      $1090.00
This includes main bearings, all oil seals, complete o'ring set 
and gasket set, piston pin & bearing, piston/ring & clips, 
complete con rod assy, clutch bearing. 

4-5-6-8-10mm Helicoils - fitted                                    .....          $20.00 each
14mm spark plug Helicoil - fitted                                 ....           $25.00  
8 or 14mm Timeserts (flanged inserts)- fitted               .....           $20.00 each
Spark plug thread in KT100 Yamaha - weld and retap ...              $195.00

Most plated cylinders can be replated - Chrome/Electrofusion/Nikasil.
Also any damage repaired or welded and bore replated to suit the original piston and rings, 
either genuine or aftermarket brand. 
Chrome rings may be used in Nikasil plated bores for long life.

Delivery time is usually under 2 weeks. This service is now performed within Australia with lower prices and faster turnaround. 
( If you are wondering about the quality of the Australian repairs, a customer with a Rotax 125 Max has 
had his done here and so far it has lasted through 4 pistons for over 100 hours of racing )  
Prices vary depending on cylinder size .........
            2 strokes  --  50cc to 124cc  from $440.00 each bore. 
	125cc to 150cc from $460.00 each bore
	200cc to 250cc from $550.00 each bore
	300cc to 500cc from $630.00 each bore

            4 strokes  --  up to 250cc from $460.00 each bore
              400cc to 490cc from $560.00 each bore 
              500 + cc from $580 each bore

Reboring to larger bore size than standard, or rewelding repairs can be an extra $100.00 
EXHAUSTS   GruntPipelogo.jpg (15300 bytes)
We manufacture 2-stroke exhaust systems from zinc-annealed or plain mild steel in 16 to 22 gauge (depending on 
application). In the case of motorcycles, Odysseys, gearbox Superkarts, etc, the pipes are made and installed 
directly onto the machine -- hence we need the bike, car or kart in our workshop for this to be done.  

We can supply an "expansion chamber" of up to 9 cones
in a straight form to your design, or ours ........            from      $145.00

Motocross and trail-bike, single cylinder engine
exhaust pipe only, using original muffler .......                        $395.00

Street and Road-racing bikes, parallel twin (RD, RG etc)
2 pipes with mounts, flanges, mufflers complete .....              $1100.00

Single cylinder exhaust system, including mounting 
bracket, flange, slip-joints and new alloy muffler  ...........     $650.00
All twin-cylinder exhaust systems......ditto......                   $1250.00

"GRUNT-5" KT100S pipe ( uses normal 100cc flex ) 
Our latest spec pipe for AIDKA ........                                $145.00 

"JH" KT100J pipe for all AIDKA dirt classes ....                 $145.00

Stainless steel pipe to header joiners, to suit both the 
AKA14 and AKA39 with new smaller inlet - assorted lengths ...    $9.50 each 

Big-Bore header, 36mm ID, suit KT100S & KT100J
( available in lengths 165mm to 200mm )
As used in AKA and AIDKA in stainless            .......        $94.00 

Big-bore header,  34mm ID specially to suit KT100J
( available in 200mm length ) in stainless  .........               $98.00

Superkart 80cc complete exhaust, including flange and 
muffler, suit normal or reversed cyclinder    ......                 $590.00

Superkart 125cc or 250cc single cylinder exhaust, 
including flange and muffler                                    ....          $590.00

Superkart 250cc twin cylinder exhausts, 
using your own supplied mufflers                  ....                      $790.00 
Superkart 250cc twin cylinder exhausts, 
including brand new alloy body mufflers           ....                  $1150.00

Our karting history began in the 1950's, with the late Bob Williams and a few friends making some of the earliest karts
 in Australia.  Today we supply the best that the industry can give us to help our customers find that winning edge. 
The preparation of any kart is mainly dependant on its intended use, so it is hard to 'quantify' such a process into 
a dollar value.  But here are some regular jobs that we perform that will act as a guide.  

Re-powdercoat a bare chassis  ...  must be stripped bare             $185.00 

Re-jig and powdercoat an ARROW brand chassis ...  must be
stripped. Takes up to 4 weeks and is done at the DPE factory        $490.00

Seat fitting  ...  labour only                                 ............          $44.00   
may require extra nuts+bolts/spacers at extra cost 

New 100cc Sprint kart assembly, to race-ready condition 
                                      At the time of purchase from us .......        $150.00 
New 125cc TaG kart assembly, to race ready condition
                                      At the time of purchase from us .........         $200.00
Assembly of a ROTAX MAX , Leopard , X30 , KA100 or MiniRok
engine onto your chassis, new or used    ........                                 $200.00   plus any parts

    tachanim.gif (13902 bytes)   DYNO SERVICES   tachanim.gif (13902 bytes)
Dyno services rates 
Run-in a KT100S , MiniRok or KA100 kart engine    .......               $50.00
Run-in a 125cc Rotax or Leopard engine  ....                                $90.00
Run-in and testrun 60/100cc kart engine with printout .......             $170.00
Single testrun with printout on 60/100cc kart engine ..........         $120.00 
Single testrun with printout on 100/125cc watercooled ....              $170.00

Hourly rate in dyno room for testing  ....                                       $110.00
This includes printouts of all testruns performed, and all labour in making alterations or modifications necessary 
to engines or pipes as required while testing ( plus parts cost ).  

We are located at 79 Torrens Road , Brompton 5007 , South Australia.
Phone number for enquiries is 08 8340 9288. 

Prices correct as at September 2017 -- but subject to change anytime.