SSS clutch for KT100J Yamaha

This is accepted for racing in the AKA on a Yamaha KT100J engine, and it is priced at $305 with a #219 drive sprocket.  ( 11, 12 , 13 and 14 tooth sizes available now )  The electric starter to suit is available at $270 with a battery included.


The SSS clutch is designed so that the clutch drum rotates within the outside body of the crankcase. This has been done to provide for neat installation and also to bring the drive sprocket inwards to the engine to prevent excessive bending loads on the crankshaft. For the clutch to clear the crankcase it is necessary to machine some areas off the crankcase. Other than that, the clutch will fit directly to the existing crankshaft without any modifications. It must be pointed out that the crankshaft in the area inboard of the taper must be in good condition as the clutch drum rotates over this section.

METHOD OF FITTING SSS clutch to a 100J kart engine & its operation.


Do NOT run the clutch without the clutch drum in place !! If it is run without the drum in place, the shoes will fling outwards unconstrained and terminally destroy the engine and , most likely, any person in the vicinity. Note that this warning applies to any engine mounted centrifugal clutch, including Rotax MAX, ARC, Leopard and Comer.

Do NOT use chain oil, but use chain spray.     

  The gel-cell battery powered electric starter  --  only $270 .