MY-CHRON 5 is here now  ..... 
at just $695 for Mychron 5 with one temperature ( EGT, CHT or H2O )
or  $785 for MyChron 5-2T with one temperature ( EGT, CHT or H2O )


The New Generation Dash Logger For Kart Drivers

Our  technicians have worked for many years making GPS technology useful and reliable in the motorsport environment.
We have reached such a good level that we decided to integrate GPS module inside MyChron5. Checkout the great MyCron 5 features bel

The system takes advantage from an internal wide track dbase, in order to automatically understand in which track you are, where and how many are the magnetic strips: without any further
sensor or configuration you will automatically get lap times, predictive lap times and split times.
GPS data, acquired ten times per second, are of course recorded with other signals in the internal datalogger, in order to offer the possibility of a deep analysis of your performance.

Robust housing with wider display

The new Nylon chassis on the MyChron 5 comes with metallic pushbuttons and guarantees even more resistance to shocks and water. The anti-scratch non-reflecting polycarbonate screen and the wider display ensure great readability.


Calculated Gear Number

In case your kart is a shift kart, you can decide to show the gear number, automatically calculated in a few hundredths of meters while you are driving.

Ambient Light Sensor

MyChron5 provides optimum viewing in diverse lighting conditions: the display brightness is automatically adjusted according to the environment light.

Wide Display Ė Multicolour Backlight

More data requires more space for looking at them. MyChron5 features a wide high resolution display with fully configurable backlight.

Rechargable Lithium Battery

No problems with traditional batteries anymore: MyChron5 is powered by a dedicated rechargeable and removable lithium battery. It is long-lasting (about 10 hours duration) and
easy to recharge, placed on its magnetic basement connected to the power adapter. The usual external power connection is also available.

Shiftlights and Alarm LEDís

Five RGB shift lights can be configured for each gear, choosing LED color and RPM threshold values which will turn them on/off. They also allow RPM monitoring in a glance. Even alarms are managed in a very flexible way: you choose the situation that generates the alarm, the LED behavior (blinking frequency and color) when the alarm appears and the conditions for its switch-off.

WIFI Connection

Download your data to your PC, look at the OnLine measures, upgrade your firmware, transmit parameters using the well known DataKey or through fast WiFi connection.

MyChron5 2T

Like its predecessor, MyChron5 2T gives the chance to control two engine temperatures instead of one, coming from thermocouples or thermoresistors.

Fully compatible with MyChron4 add-ons. Adding new modules you will get all the additional information you need: LCU-One, perfectly tuning the carburetion of your engine.

MyChron Expansion, the channel multiplier that permits to check when you brake and accelerate, as well as Power Valve behaviour
Smartycam, for professional videos with real-time data overlayed.


M4 Data Key Data download key                                                     $158.00

LCU One CAN                                                                                $660.00

LCU One Analogue                                                                      $660.00

Data Hub                                                                                            $155.00

Brake/throttle position sensors                                              $215.00

MyChron expansion hub                                                     $310.00

Power valve sensor                                                                       $220.00

Steering sensor - kart                                                                $231.00

Multichron Stop Watch Black / Titanium                             $274.00


Kart Magnet                                                                                 $13.20

Kart Magnetic Collar 40&50mm                                                    $26.50

Bike Style Magnet                                                                         $20.00

Kart Speed Sensor ( front )                                                           $171.80

Kart & Bike Rear Speed Sensor                                                     $203.50

Infrared Receiver                                                                             $226.00

Infrared Beacon / Split Beacon                                                        $226.00

M4 Magnetic receiver                                                                     $198.00

Water Temp Housing                                                                      $ 30.00


Exhaust Gas Thermocouple                EGT                                       $118.00

Water Thermocouple                          H2O                                        $118.00

Under Spark CHT                 CHT        ( one piece lead )                  $118.00

Under Spark CHT                 CHT   ( two -piece lead )                    $195.00

Extension Cable                   K-Type  ( yellow )                                 $85.00

Extension Cable                    Binder   ( black )                                   $95.00