IAME  X30  TAG engines and spares available .     


  The IAME X30  125  TAG engine now available at $3,695.
Supplied complete with exhaust, ignition, carby, battery , radiator and all hoses, switches and wiring loom.

       The Parilla RL is still available at $3,195.

IAME  X30 engine info , parts list and prices.        You can ask us questions anytime by email  ...   email us .....  

We are an approved supplier of these engines for Australian karting, located in Brompton , a suburb just near the Adelaide CBD, in South Australia.
These engines are for the senior classes of Tag for all 125cc brands , X30 standalone and Tag-restricted for all new drivers we will try to pass on the information we gather to help you keep karting.

Our full X30 engine parts price list is updated for 2018 ....... here .... 

The initial carburetor settings for the new HW27 Tillotson as suggested by the importers are as follows ...........

Tillotson HW27 Carburettor
- Tag-R Format: Low-Jet one turn (60 min) and High-Jet one turn and 30 to 35 mins  ( 90 to 95 min)
- Open X30 and Tag Format: Low-Jet one turn (60 min) and High-Jet one turn and 35 mins  ( 95 min).
- Metering Lever Height: Top of the lever should be level with the Carby body.
- Pop Off Pressure: Standard 39gram spring , pop off at 11psi .