The frame is made of Ř 32 mm molybdenum chrome steel tubes, so its height is adjustable both front and rear. Moreover it is supplied with two torsion bars, which allow to modify the rigidity.
The adjustment of camber and caster includes many options by means of uniball incorporated eccentric multi-hole washers. LYNX S, like all other top-level models, is totally equipped with special magnesium OTK components.

In KF version you can choose between SA2 and SA3 braking systems, with brake hoses “evolution” and DOT 5.1 lubricant, depending on the category it competes in.
KZ version is designed for the shifter category. BSS brake system, modern OTK adjustable aluminium pedals and MXJ magnesium wheels of recent production complete the next-generation package for the KZ chassis.
Modern OTK adjustable aluminium pedals of recent production complete the next-generation package.
The main element distinguishing new chassis models is OTK M6 new fairings (new CIK-FIA homologation 2015-2020).