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The world's  #1 Carburettor Jetting and Kart setup software is now available from us !!
We are an authorised development partner and can offer you the same products as used worldwide.


Thousands of Karting professionals, in over 60 countries around the world, are using Jet-Tech to gain the competitive edge!

Jet-Tech produce a full range of software applications and exclusive hardware products.

The ultimate application for professionals and all serious competitors for all Dellorto and diaphragm carburettors.

Includes all Rotax Max and EVO carburetors as well as the Vortex MiniRok.

  • Jetting, needle clip position and plug type for all single choke Dellorto carbs.

  • Complete Dellorto needle design comparison and analysis.

  • Jetting and plug for all 2 and 3 jet, diaphragm carbs.

  • Tyre temp and handling analysis.

  • Chassis weights, gearing and oil/fuel ratios.

  • Fully searchable Chassis, lap time, setup, track database.

    Now includes JetTech Kart Setup at no extra cost.

 Jet-Tech PRO is AUD$275


  • Jetting, needle clip position and plug type for all Rotax MAX derivatives using the Dellorto VHSB34 carb.

  • Covers the DD2, Senior, Junior, Mini and Micro MAX

    Not suitable for use with the EVO versions,  these require Jet-Tech PRO.


 Jet-Tech MAX is AUD$175
  • Jetting, needle clip position and plug type for all ICC engines using the Dellorto VHSH30 carb.


  Jet-Tech ICC is AUD$195
80/125cc Stock Moto - Mikuni TMX
  • Jetting, needle clip position and plug type for 80cc and 125cc Moto engines using the Mikuni TMX carb.


  Jet-Tech TMX is  AUD$195
  Kart Setup

A new kart specific program enabling you to effortlessly record, save, diagnose and search all of your chassis setup data just like all the F1 teams do.
  Jet-Tech Kart is AUD$105


  • 10 X more accurate than other commercially available units in it's class.

  • Designed and manufactured to our exacting specifications to take full advantage of Jet-Tech software.


  Weather Pro is AUD$59

All above software can be ordered and paid for through us,  and then downloaded from the Jet-Tech website. 
The Weather Pro is shipped by Express Post for $11 within Australia. 

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 If you already have JetTechPro and wish to change your Max or DD2 specs to new EVO specs,  here are our suggestions.


The basic settings we have for the DD2 EVO are as follows:

@ 15'C Temperature, 0% Humidity, 1013.2mb Pressure:

Venturi: 34
Needlejet: 267
Idle jet: 45
Floats: 4g
Float height: 6mm
Needle: K57
Needle Clips: 5
Main Jet Factor: 335
Needle Design Factor: 448

We have used a fuel mix SG of 0.731. This is based on using Rotax XPS 2 oil and a typical gasoline SG of 0.728