HOT-RODS  are designed to create a more versatile front end. They allow the use of 40mm wheel hubs and bolt-on front rims to simulate many different rim and hub arrangements. This helps generate much more or less grip as it’s required.
HOT-RODS are a truly universal and versatile product, proven faster on various track surfaces, tyre compounds and chassis types.

Here are the fitting instructions,  so you can see how easy it really is.

1) Remove all spacers from the stub axle.
2) Slide the Hot Rod onto the stub axle and fit wheel spacers outside the Hot Rod so the wheel nut does not bottom out. This is usually only a 5-lOmm spacer.
3) Thoroughly clean the Hot Rod and inside the wheel hub with ‘Brake-Clean’ or a similar product to remove all oil and grease.
4) Fit the wheel hub to the Hot Rod and lock into required position tightly WITHOUT causing the bearings to bind up. Test this by spinning the Hot Rod and hub as you tighten it.
5) Fit the wheel to the hub. It is important to bolt the rim on OVER the Hot Rod so the rim locates centrally.
6) When wheel track adjustment is required, simply loosen the hub nut and wheel nuts, slide the wheel into position and re-tighten.
7) If you require a different response from the steering, after testing your front wheel track, you should try the narrow bearing setting. Normally the outer bearing is held in place by a circlip. Remove this circlip, bearing and spacer then refit the bearing by itself. This gives a 20mm narrower bearing setting and will cause a noticeable change to the flex of the stub axle.
Generally this will reduce grip but it is advisable to test it on your own chassis and tyre type as all karts seem to react a little differently.
8) For further change, try fitting the Hot Rod (in narrow bearing position) on the stub axle in the reverse position with the wheel spacers inside the Hot Rods. This allows even more flex of the stub axle by pushing the pivot point to the outer portion of the stub axle.

Points to note  .........  You will need hubs that have a 40mm bore and clamp split through the entire length of the hub. This is to allow the hub to clamp securely onto the Hot Rod and slide all the way on for narrow wheel settings.
When testing different bearing positions, it is advisable to maintain a set wheel track. This is important for accurate results.

So if they are so good,  is there any drawback at all to fitting HOT-RODS  ??  The only fault that anyone can find is that they will add almost 1kg in weight to the kart.  The added complexity of two hubs, one holding the bearings and one for the wheel rim cannot be avoided.

  Sorry but these are no longer available .