ARROW karts - new karts pricelist
   ARROW X-5  ...  Thoroughbreds In the Arrow karts stable.!!         
 Ignite your passion for winning and slip behind the wheel of the ARROW X5 range of karts. With engineering brilliance and a 
distinct attention to detail and handling, they are certain to exceed your expectations and guaranteed to excite.

ARROW  X5  karts prices as at September 2017

All bitumen models now supplied with a CIK plastic rear bumper.

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X5 KART MODEL - Arrow + SERA Rolling Chassis Complete kart + engine    
  ( no tyres ) assembled with tyres    
Cadet Roller $3,600        
With Comer SW80   $4,600    
With Vortex Mini Rok    $6,660    
With Rotax Micro Max   $6,660    
With Rotax Mini Max   $7,100    
KA4 Junior Light        
Junior Roller with 30mm axle $3,900      
Junior Roller with 40mm axle $3,900      
With IAME KA100    $6,990    
With Rotax Mini Max    $7,490    
KA4 Junior Heavy / KA3        
28-N Roller with 30mm axle $4,500      
28-N Roller with 40mm axle $4,500      
28-C Roller with 40mm axle $4,500      
31-C Roller with 40mm axle $4,500      
With IAME KA100    $7,790    
TAG CIK / CIK / Rotax / X30 / Restricted / KA3        
TAG / CIK / Rotax / X30 / TAG Restricted Roller  $4,700      
With IAME KA100    $7,900    
With IAME X30    $7,900    
With Rotax Evo SNR    $8,450    
With Rotax Evo JNR   $8,300    
DD2 / KF / KZ        
DD2 Roller $6,200      
 X5 with hand front brakes Roller $6,200      
 X5 KZ / gearbox Roller $6,200      
4-Stroke Roller   (  Arrow only ) $3,900      
4-Stroke with Subaru   $5,400    
ALTERATIONS + EXTRAS Extra cost      
Chassis paint upgrade (Blue, Green, Silver, Black, Orange, Red) $100      
Magnessium wheel hubs (applies to CIK ) $150      
Prices subject to change without notice.   E&OE