ARROW karts - new karts pricelist

                                     X-5  ...  Thoroughbreds In the Arrow karts stable.!!
 Ignite your passion for winning and slip behind the wheel of the X4 and X5 range of karts. With engineering brilliance and a 
distinct attention to detail and handling, they are certain to exceed your expectations and guaranteed to excite.

ARROW karts prices as at April 2018

All bitumen models now supplied with a CIK plastic rear bumper.

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X4 / X5 KART MODEL - Arrow & SERA/Deadly Rolling Chassis Complete kart + engine  ARROW/Deadly/SERA  
  ( no tyres )  assembled with tyres    
 X4 Cadet        
Cadet Roller - 950mm chassis $3,200      ARROW / Deadly  
With Vortex Mini Rok , Cadet 9 or 12   $6,400    
With Rotax Micro Max   $6,760    
 X4  KA4 Junior Light        
Junior Roller with 30mm axle $3,900    ARROW / Deadly  
Junior Roller with 40mm axle $3,900      
With IAME KA100    $7,490    
With Rotax Mini Max    $7,690    
 X5 Senior TAG / TAG-R / Rotax / X30 / KA3 / KA4 heavy        
TAG / CIK / Rotax / X30   $4,900    ARROW / SERA  
With IAME KA100    $8,200    
With IAME X30    $7,900    
With Rotax Evo SNR    $8,450    
With Rotax Evo JNR   $8,300    
 X4 4-Stroke        
4-Stroke Roller TBA      
ALTERATIONS + EXTRAS Extra cost      
 OTK Magnesium wheel hubs (applies to X5 senior ) $350      
 OTK  MXC  wheel upgrade $550      
Chassis paint upgrade
( Blue, Green, Silver, Black, Orange, Red )
 25mm stubs/10mm kingpin to 17mm/8mm ( X5 senior ) $0      
Prices subject to change without notice.   E&OE