ACCU MIX 2 stroke fuel mixing container

Someone once said that the simplest ideas are always the best. 202 Racing’s brilliant ACCU-MIX container proves this to be true and I keep saying  “Why didn’t I think of this?"    Pre-mixing two stroke fuel has never been easier, cleaner and more accurate. Throw away those dirt collecting, oil wasting baby milk bottles and other measuring jugs and buy an ACCU-MIX  it’s a purchase you won’t regret...

The container is a red plastic unit divided into two compartments ,  “A” for your straight fuel and  “B” for your 2 stroke oil.

All you do is simply fill “A” to the level of fuel you need to mix. This compartment is divided into ten “units” of  0.6 litres each.  As an exercise, I filled mine (refer to the photo) to line number 6, which equates to 3.6 litres.

Next, choose the fuel/oil ratio you require from the eight common ones embossed on the side of “B” (25:1 in our exercise) and fill this compartment up to line 6 also. Screw both O-ring sealed caps on and shake to mix the fuel. “Mission accomplished”. 3.6 litres of 2 stroke fuel mixed accurately at 25:1.

As little as 0.6 litres of fuel can be mixed accurately at ratios from 15:1 to 50:1 with the ACCU-MIX.

The unit even has fuel and oil marks in standard Metric as well as Imperial measurements should you need to mix up a “special ratio” other than the eight provided for on the container.


                                now only $70 ...........

       And thanks to Greg at  for introducing this product to me , and for the above story about it.